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Trusted Player Commands Empty Trusted Player Commands

Post by Guest_Phoenix94305 on Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:29 pm

Congratulations on being promoted to the rank of "Trusted Player"!  Now many more command options are available to you in the lobby when other people are in your room.  Remember, never abuse your power (don't load broken codes, don't force people into crappy levels, keep Y-EP a secret, &c.).

Here are the list of commands:

Controlling the Timer
!time X   (X=some number; if you want to maximize the time in the lobby, enter in something like "!time 9.5"; if you enter "!time 1" you essentially start the race immediately.

Choosing Regular Levels
!level LevelName (If you enter "!level Marathon", it will load Marathon; it only works for Y-EP and John MultiPlayer levels)

!level 1 (If you enter the number instead of the name, you will load that number of level.  Mind you, while Marathon is Level# 100, you must enter it adding one.  So, in order to load Marathon, enter "!level 101".   This method works for uniplayer levels, which range from 1-30.

NOTE:  Do not load uniplayer levels with AG persons in the room.  However, even more importantly, do not load Y-EP or Custom levels in a room with AG persons, as it will break them.

NOTE 2: Entering in numbers that do not correspond to levels breaks the room. So if I enter "!level 0" or "!level 50", "undefined" will come up as the level name, and it will break the room. For reference, 1-30 are Uniplayer Levels, 100-119 are Regular EP levels, and 120-131 are Regular Y-EP levels.

Loading Custom Levels
!custom levelcode

Example:  "!custom Fly to the Heavens my Heart~#kdsjliauitnlkjalkjfdlkasjlkvjlkdsajfalkfdjlklkjlkj~"

When loading custom levels, make sure that you can complete them.  If you are testing a level, let your comrades know that it is a test.  Mind you, these are general rules...

Anyone want to add anything more?


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Trusted Player Commands Empty Re: Trusted Player Commands

Post by Xakaze on Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:44 pm

This topic should be sticked


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Trusted Player Commands Empty Re: Trusted Player Commands

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:33 am

Done. Doing a bunch of editing.

edit: lol nvmd, I can't moderate in this forum.


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Trusted Player Commands Empty Re: Trusted Player Commands

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