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Kudo-Hacking Empty Kudo-Hacking

Post by Guest_Phoenix94305 on Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:59 am

Hiya all,

There was a topic on kudo-hacking; however, I deleted it because it presents no benefit to anyone, and the harm at risk is greater than the benefit. If you are a member of Y-EP, chances are, you already have all of the flares you can receive. Hence, any benefit from more kudos is purely just to say, "I have X number of kudos."

It does not matter if people want to know how to kudo-hack. The point is, it can be harmful, as it can lock people up. While kudo-hacks have typically been innocent endeavors in my experience, they do not actually produce any benefit, and if they produce harm to anyone, they are not justified in use at all. The number of kudos you have doesn't mean anything at all. If you need kudos for your own vanity, well, then, simply earn the kudos the normal way, as you would earn wins.

The metric for whether a topic is worth keeping is not whether a number of people want to know about it. That may contribute to a topic's worth, but that alone is not the defining feature. If a topic essentially will result in harm, then it should not be kept. And this is a warning to those who want to "hack" EP. Do not do harm. Do not promote the risk of harm. If something has no benefit, but only risks harm to others, then do not post it.

If I am wrong about this, then the forum admins may correct me on it. However, I do not believe it is worth publishing topics that encourage things that may harm other players, especially on AG.


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