Can we fully finish a tournament?

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What is the most important element to make you join a tournament or not ?

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Can we fully finish a tournament?

Post by TroIIingTroll on Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:06 am

About 1 year ago , people started to talk about the " plan " for yck1509 exit path revival , I still remember that some " plan " said we can make some " tournament " , 1-2 months later , Zen hosts a tournament and finally stopped in the final.

History of all tournaments held in yck1509 exit path :
Official YEP Racing Tournament I ( Zen's )
Host : Zen -> idkw
Stop at : final ( sth issues of time )

Monthly Racing Challenge #1 ( idkw's )
Host : idkw
Stop at : Round 2 Group 2 ( ??? )

Spring Racing Challenge ( TroIIing's )
Host : TroIIing
Stop at : Have not started ( No participant )

Mysis's improv Tournament ( mysis's )
Host : Mysis
Stop at : Have not started ( burst event of the host )

Percentage of fully finish a tournament = 0%
Thats bad

I want to host a tournament , can anyone gives some opinion to me?
1. Style
2. Time
3. Date
Please give some comment for the tournament?

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Re: Can we fully finish a tournament?

Post by dragon144 on Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:53 pm

The problem with tournament is really timezone. Not many ppl can online simultaneously. We are not like big games which can held tournament regularly.

But if you must... here are my few suggestions...

1. Instead of racing together, we can hold tournament via videos. There will be a specific period of time players can upload their best trials of racing the level. The player with least time wins.

2. time maybe ~5 days. Not enough time for ppl to perfect a level but they can still practice

3. Date is not a concern for this type of tournament

4. Level will be an interesting subject. It should have some alternate route but cannot have too much or ppl will perfect the faster route anyways.

5. If you want you can make some point system like... you have 5 days for 15 pool of levels. Each day you will post 3. So the last day ppl will have less time to perfect them and have more on the previous one. You can set previous levels harder or make their mark weighting lower to make things interesting. 

6. Point system should be used instead of rank based system

This case, time and date immediate not being a problem Smile No so-called "referee" needed also! Host also dont need to monitor the race too.

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Re: Can we fully finish a tournament?

Post by ExitPathGirl16 on Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:33 pm

Tips from the only person that actually hosted a tourney (that went through).


Know that many people are going to drop out.
If 20 people sign up, expect 6-8 people to show up.

Force people to state their time zone when signing up.

Have a cutoff date AT LEAST 2-3 days (1 week is preferable) before the tourney, and post groups THAT DAY. Include times of all of the rounds as well not just round 1.

PM everyone about their group, and make sure that they respond to confirm that their time will work for them, PM all of the groups and tell them that if that time dosn't work for them, that they can change to another group. If none of the groups work out for them, they might not be able to join the tourney.

Btw, I basicly hosted zen's tourney, he basically couldn't do it because he was on vactation.
The reason that we couldn't get through it is because I didn't set a time for the finals until that day. If I would have been more prepared, I would have been able to organize something.

Also, I just thought of something, to fix the time zone issue, just observe everyone as they race, and record the times of each level. This may cause the host to have to change their sleep schedule, something not many people are willing to do. This can be solved by have 2 or more hosts In a tourney. Or, if you're me, you don't sleep.

I'm going to try to attempt to host (and complete) a tourney.
Hopefully by having frequent enough tourney's, we can increase activity, and revive EP.

Sorry about that big block of text, alot of thought is needed into hosting a tourney.

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Re: Can we fully finish a tournament?

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