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Basic commands on YckEP Empty Basic commands on YckEP

Post by Nabbit on Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:59 pm

It's been brought to my attention that a lot of new users don't know the commands on Yck Exit Path. This is going to be a thread to help teach new members how to use commands and also as a reference for any older members. Smile (If I have forgotten any, or if you have any questions, please say below!)

What is a command?
Commands do a number of functions in YckEP, from putting in new levels to extending your time in the lobby. They begin with an exclamation point (!) followed by the name of the command.

Here's a list of a few of these commands:


If you are authorized, this command allows you to change the level in a full room to a custom. It looks like this:  !custom [insert custom's code]


You can still play customs as a somebody. If you are in a room by yourself, you can use this code to change the level to any custom. Simply enter the code for the custom you want, and then type in !practice. So here's what you will enter into the textbox:

!custom [custom level's code]
(hit enter)
(hit enter)


With this, you can reset the timer in a lobby to a certain amount of seconds, the maximum being 24 seconds. I believe auth is required to do this. It looks like this: !time [insert # of seconds]


This command allows you to choose from the normal EP levels, uni levels, and Yck's levels. Only level you can't choose is the first level in uniplayer. It will look like this: !level [level number]

Here's a list of the level numbers and each level the number corresponds to: (I will add in a few at a time since there's so many. :p)

!level 1 - Stage 2 (Getting out, uniplayer)
!level 2-29 - The other uniplayer levels
!level 30 - Ending (Uniplayer)
!level 100 - Marathon
!level 101 - Front Door
!level 102 - Crossroads
!level 103 - Tubes
!level 104 - Death Wall
!level 105 - The Maze
!level 106 - Lunge
!level 107 - Unfriendly Teleporters
!level 108 - Funk
!level 109 - Cubicles
!level 110 - Over and Under
!level 111 - Zipper
!level 112 - Jumper
!level 113 - Slip and Slide
!level 114 - Wombat
!level 115 - Fuzz Balls
!level 116 - Secret Staircase
!level 117 - Cubey
!level 118 - Descending
!level 119 - Treadmillvania
!level 120 - Under and Over
!level 121 - Cubicles?
!level 122 - TPDWUT?
!level 123 - The Shrine
!level 124 - Teletorture
!level 125 - Treadmillistic
!level 126 - Bounspiker Land
!level 127 - Defamation
!level 128 - -_-||
!level 129 - XP
!level 130 - Bounce Town++
!level 131 - Skywalker

***If anyone is bored, feel free to fill in some of the level names in for me by editing my post... or just posting below what they are. I will love you forever if you help out. <3***

Thanks to holdonmyheart and Princevladlin for helping out! <3

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