Can i get To mentor?

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Can i get mentor or not?

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Can i get To mentor?

Post by GhostOfHell on Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:58 pm

Can someone make me or tell me how to become mentor PLZZZZZZZ

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Re: Can i get To mentor?

Post by ExitPathGirl16 on Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:36 pm

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First of all, sadly, not everyone can get to mentor rank, as there can only be so many staff on this site, also, you are still relatively new here, and the moderators don't like it when people ask for mentor rank. which makes me a huge hypocrite. Anyway, right now I don't think that you will promoted to mentor, but you very well could in the future, although obviously that decision is up to the mods.

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Re: Can i get To mentor?

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:20 pm

Be helpful to the community and new players, respect the other players, be active in the community, have a pretty clean ban record (as in little to no bans, preferably none), and all around be mature.

I actually have heard of people applying for mentor rank, but most mentors become mentors when the moderators see that they are a excellent component of the community. To be clear, applying for mentor status, while it can get you to mentor, will hurt your chances of becoming a mentor in the long run if you don't make it.

Becoming a mentor is different for everyone, but I think I became a mentor because I was active on these forums a lot, and became a moderator on the forums (before I was a mentor on yck), I was known for being mature, redesigned the tutorials for new players, and was friendly to everyone, especially new players as I taught the how to play. I also made mentor within three months of joining yck as a someone, which as far as I know, is record time (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

The most important part I would say would be to actually take the role of a mentor, and help new players learn about the community, as well as teaching them new techniques. Spamming the moderators and other mentors "pls make me a mentor" does not help this, and being a "goody two shoes", helping new players only when other moderators and mentors are around will also not help (BECAUSE WE HAVE EYES EVERYWHERE).

A few more things I might add are that very few players make it to mentor status. I think recently however, the moderators have been looking to promote players to mentor (

Hope this helps.


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Re: Can i get To mentor?

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