Dragon144's Level Making Tutorial

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Dragon144's Level Making Tutorial

Post by princevladlin on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:59 pm

Disclaimer: This is Dragon144's tutorial from the old forum, not mine.

This page will be for basic level making tutorial / level making support
For those who want to learn advanced technique of level making please refer to my advanced level making series....
So, lets get started

Feel free to drop down your level making question here


Q1. Why do my levels get invisible sometimes? im not using invisablocks, I swear!
A1. It is an unpreventable bug. However it also create strange properties on blocks (free double jump without flow, displaced block etc.).... so better make a new level Crying or Very sad
Q2. When I name a level I type the name and put last letter, the whole name is deleted and goes back to Name. Why?
A2. Change it not in the designer... but somewhere else... like notepad or word

Chapter 0 - A Good Level Size:
For skill levels, good levels are levels that regularly gives you checkpoints, and easy to save flow/ don't need to save flow to cut down time. They don't wanna make annoying levels to be real honest. annoying dosent mean hard levels, which annoying levels is levels that required excess consistence and easily dead and start all over again, or ridiculously hard and easily die and needs a lot of time to start over.

For normal levels, a good levels is levels that which makes people enjoy. Usually with fresh new ideas, and looks really cool. a difficulty between relaxing and challenging will be the most suitable difficulty. It will be also good if you can master the placement of some traps and make them fun, instead of cool ideas or patterns which is difficult to make.

For co-op levels, make sure it is non-skill-related. The max skill you can put is really double jumps... Since you dont wanna get ppl stuck just because they dont know a skill. Making co-op levels' atmosphere tight is really a important thing since tense levels means fun there... Co-op levels are hard to make yet it is fun to play with. Make sure it is pausable btw XD

Moreover, you dont wanna make people wait at the finishing area like a dumb. You may also add some playground features, retry teleports, or making your level reverse-able.

Chapter 1 - How to open it?:
The link locates at the bottom right of the exit path management system page

OR download it here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

It is a zip file. So make sure you have a zip to open it

there is a exe file and a dll file. You can choose to use it by clicking the exe file, or to extract the whole zip file, and open the exe file and use it. However, please make sure that your exe and dll are in the same location (same folder)

Chapter 2 - Basics:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This is a typical level maker.

To drop items in the box click the items you wanna put at the blue box and drop it on the big grey area. Remember a valid level required at least one start point and one finish point.

When you are done, press export level and you will see a large mess of words in the text box. Copy them! They are your level code which represents your level.

To play it input !custom (levelcode) in chat in ep room

and !practice if you are alone

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

And to continue editing when you restart your designer. You can paste your level in the textbox and press import levels!

Flow mode:

Select normal for default flow setting (limited flow)

Select none for no flow

Select all for unlimited flow (no need saving)


when you want to make your level a secret, you can type your password in the password textbox, which you need to type it back before you import the levels. However it will add the length of your level code.

Allow suiside:

The option says it all

Suspend chat:

When enabled, you are required to use esc to de-froze your character. It is good for timing levels or you dont want players to pause to by-pass timing traps/slow motion

Additional Option of items:

It will automatically appear when you spawn a item in the designer

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Tile name:Coding of the item (see Ch.4 and ALMS chapter 1 - introduction )

Canvas.left : x-axis of the item. The bigger the number the more left the item is

Canvas.up : y-axis of the item. Bigger the more downward the item is

Rotation: the angle of the item. Valid range: -360 - 360

Width: width of the item

Height: height of the item

To delete an item click the item and press delete

To find start point press home

Chapter 3 - More About Levelcode:
There are restriction of level code, which you cannot exceed 8060 characters of your level. Which naming of level also counts.
To check the length of your level code please view here:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Frozen room:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
This will occur if:
1. Your level code exceeds 8060 OR

2. Your level code is not a full level code / corrupted level code

How do I name a level?

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Your will see "Name" in your level code. Change the name area into your level name, for instance...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Chapter 4 - Basics of Coding:
Previously i said that tilename is for item coding

Not all items have its coding!!! But basically it follows something like this,

(item alphabet)(frame no.)

p = pop spike

a = axes

pop spike has 80 frames while axes has 120

So the opposite axes timing is 60 while pop spike is 40


axes: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

pop spikes: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

For teleport it is

t(teleport coding)(teleport set)

coding = all normal characters in an american keyboard

teleport set = 1/2

Which entering teleport coded ta1 will teleport you to ta2

tb1 = > tb2

t@1 => t@2

t52 => t51

( vice versa)

the height and the width of the visible area of the level depends on the rightmost and bottommost block. Which it will not be seen. so you can put an extra block on the right of end point block to show your end point...


I know there is no coding. However its rule is like this,

the text's length and size is dependent on the textboxs' width and length. So it u want to make your text bigger pull the textbox long, while enable it display a sentence without breaks scratch it fat xD

Chapter 5 - Other Important Tips:
1. Never save your code unless you make sure it is the final version as it will messed up next time when u import it

2. Always listen to others' opinion the make your level better

3. Remember to test your level before releasing

4. you can play good level maker's level and other popular levels to gain experience how to make a good level (darwin, magictales etc.)

5. use engines if you want to make a special level if needed

6. Share your levels here Very Happy

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

and use hide codes to cover your levels to make your level page neat

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

which it will be a bold-blue-underline text, when you press it the levelcode will pop out

7. Lasers only work inside 3000x3000 red square

8. block will become invisiable between 3000x3000 to 3000x10000 (under red square)

9. Grinders are good for anti-shortcut however cause lag. It is a good subsitute for a bunch of spikes though

10. Make sure place checkpoint after every 1-3 part...

11. for advanced information about level making please refer to ALMS series in dragon144 page

Extra Tip: Always name your level before planning and drafting, since implying a theme will likely to make you work on that idea and makes your level better

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Re: Dragon144's Level Making Tutorial

Post by princevladlin on Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:04 pm

Intermediate Level Making Tutorial:
Intermediate level making tutorial by dragon144~#-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~

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