Update: How to Get Your Levels Back

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Update: How to Get Your Levels Back

Post by princevladlin on Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:45 pm

I decided the best way to get everyone's levels back to them would be to upload them all to mediafire for download instead of individually trying to return them to people. You can find your old forum post as it was on 7/16/2013 in the zip file. Just open up the html file that corresponds to your thread in your browser, and then you can copy and paste your levels to a new thread here.

The old forum is now open for 2 days for level retrieval, and then it will be deleted. You can go there to get any newer levels you don't have. I've also updated the link below, so if you miss the window, you can still get your levels.

Password is EXITPATH!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Also, be sure to thank Nabbit, because she's the one who convinced me to back up all the levels. Very Happy

Missing Levels

  • Ozone Layer (107 levels)
  • dragon144 (200+)

If anyone has any of these levels, please notify the user. If anyone has visited any of their old level threads recently, please check your cache for the thread. You should be able to find Ozone's page if you search "Ozone-Layer-Levelz" or "Ozone." Please look for this html file in your cache if you have the time. It's likely that someone here has them stored in their browser cache. If not, then at least we tried. Thanks to sickcroon for dragon and Ozone's levels.

For anyone who want to retrieve their most recent levels or cannot find their levels in the folder, there may be another way to get your levels back. However, if neither of these methods works for you, please pm me or another administrator ASAP so that we can add your username to the list for missing levels. Hopefully someone else will have your levels saved or have recently visited your old thread.

If you had them on your computer at one point and deleted them, you might want to try a file recovery program like Recuva. If you have visited your page recently, you may be able to access it through your browser's cache. As long as you were not browsing in incognito mode or using private browsing, you should be able to recover the webpage that has your level codes. Also, make sure that you do not run Ccleaner or any other program that deletes temp files before recovering your levels, as may delete your cache depending on your settings. If the website is listed in your cache, you should be able to recover it. If the information here isn't helpful, feel free to look into it yourself. If you find a tutorial or resource to be helpful for a particular browser or in general, pm me and I will consider adding it here.

Click here for information on recovering files from your browser's cache. Depending on your browser, the procedure may be slightly different.

Further help-
Type "about:cache" into your address bar. This plugin may be helpful in browsing through your cache files. If you have any questions about where the cache is stored on your computer or are having trouble see here.

You can see your cache by going to chrome://cache/, however you will not be able to view a visual representation of the site by clicking on the links. You can convert to the corresponding file type (html/htm in this case) using this. This application may be of some help.

Other browsers:
NirSoft also has a utility for Internet Explorer and Opera.

For the future, I recommend keeping your levels on your computer for backup and even backing up other people's levels if you want to. There can never be too much backup. As for this forum, it allows for regular forum backups (which I have turned on), so in case of forum data loss, the data still should be retrievable.


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