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Notice about Usernames Empty Notice about Usernames

Post by Guest_Phoenix94305 on Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:23 am

Hiya all,

This is just a notice to everyone that I am not going to change your username unless you have a reason for it. If you request it from me, I WILL NOT change your name unless you have a reason for it. Furthermore, the longer you have been on this site, the LESS LIKELY I will be to change your username. I have had enough requests lately that were just plain annoying and pointless. You chose a username when you joined, and that is what we know you by. If you want that changed, it needs a reason, and a real reason. It cannot be because you just want to change it, or you want to troll people, or because you feel like it. However, I am more willing to accommodate newcomers.

Basically, I'm tired of receiving stupid requests. I have received many very stupid requests in the past few weeks, but I say nothing beyond that. Factually, I obliged one name change request, and that person thought he was kicked because he was unable to login. Quite frankly, unless there is some actual abuse you want me to know about, idk what more to say here.

So! In sum, I don't want to receive name change requests for no reason. If you want a name change, have a reason, and a real one. Otherwise, now, my answer is uniformly: NO.

Unless you have a real, legitimate reason for a name change, I won't even bother responding to requests for name changes. I'm done being the runaround clerk for your dumb*ss sh*t. If you wanted your name to be X, you should've named yourself X. It's not my part to fix your mistakes. That is not what I'm here for.

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Notice about Usernames Empty Re: Notice about Usernames

Post by Xakaze on Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:41 am

Well I must agree, I also have been flooded by lots of stupid requests similar to that in the past few months.
So : +1 ^^


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