On dragon's temp ban of ninh

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On dragon's temp ban of ninh Empty On dragon's temp ban of ninh

Post by GhostofNinja on Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:55 pm

Hey all,

I think it's important to talk about this due to the fact that if it's misinterpreted, it sets a dangerous precedent.

Earlier today, dragon gave ninh a temporary ban of 3 days, essentially because he felt that EP is distracting ninh from more important things in real life. In the modlog, dragon says, "Intervention for ninh IRL... doing it for his own good". Even though I don't agree with the idea that ninh needed to be banned, I am ok with this ban ONLY because dragon took the time to talk to ninh for upwards of an hour about this issue, and ninh AGREED to take the ban.

However, I am not ok with the idea that mods/mentors should be allowed to ban people "for their own good" (without consent from the person being banned) for a few reasons. First, it implies that mods/mentors somehow know more about other people's lives than the person themselves. Obviously that's not true, and you can't form an accurate judgment of someone based solely on the amount of time they spend playing a flash game or comments from them on an essentially anonymous platform. Second, it gives mods/mentors more power than they should have. The decision to quit EP does not rest in the hands of the staff, it's purely personal and should stay that way. As mods/mentors, we shouldn't get caught up in our own power - we shouldn't be looking for ways to help people "for their own good" when we objectively barely know anything about their lives. Finally, it sets up the idea that mods/mentors can ban people for reasons entirely unrelated to the game or the community. I get that this is a slippery slope fallacy, but I'm strongly opposed to the notion that we can ban people just because we think the game is bad for them - doesn't that essentially mean we can ban whoever we want as long as they play often enough?

So to be absolutely clear: ninh was not banned without consent. Mods and mentors cannot ban you "for your own good" unless you agree to it.

Cheers. Thoughts/comments welcome.

TLDR: I'm fine with this specific ban on ninh because he agreed to it. I'm not fine with banning people "for their own good" in general.

UPDATE: Ninh only lasted about an hour before he wanted to be unbanned. But I think my post is still worth acknowledging.

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On dragon's temp ban of ninh Empty Re: On dragon's temp ban of ninh

Post by dragon144 on Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:09 pm

I'll further clarify stuff,

1) we talk to ninh and he knows he has the needs
2) it is not my solo decision: viiq + ninh + me has agreed with it
3) ninh is happy to it
4) 'EP is distracting ninh from more important things in real life' is not the reason why. He does not directly involved in this conversation between 3 of us.

To all: if ninh wanna come back badly contact mod and mentors we will let him again.

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