General rules and guidelines of Yck's Exit Path!

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General rules and guidelines of Yck's Exit Path! Empty General rules and guidelines of Yck's Exit Path!

Post by GhostOfPain on Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:03 pm

Because we're seemingly running into minor problems regarding our beloved community, I'll take the opportunity to redefine the rules and some guidelines with the hope to express them in an understandable manner.
- negative
+ positive

First of all, you're responsible for any action taken on your account. If someone breaks the rules using your account it is your fault as the account owner.
1.) General site rules:
  1.)  Behave appropriately.  This includes:

  • -No bullying or harassing
  • -No unnecessary swearing
  • -No insulting or name-calling.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2.)  Don't create alternative accounts.

  • +If you happen to have a family member or a friend with an equivalent IP address, that participates in this game, post a comment under this post mentioning the account of the family member or the friend.
  • -Accounts that have logged in with the same IP address are considered alternative accounts and will accordingly be both demoted, IF no previous information has been posted  in this section.

  3.)  Don't excessively expose information about Yck's site to the public | Examples:

  • -Posting a link of the site in any of ArmorGames' sections. 
  • -Predicting the next approaching level in any way.
  • -Chaging the upcoming level to a UniPlayer level.

For game related rules, all I'll mention is to be ethical in terms of morality. Everyone should have clear and plain understanding of what is inappropriate and what is not.

Further following, ranks will now be defined with their essential purpose and expectations.
 (-1)No one:   People that have violated the above stated rules in any way and interfered our peaceful community will obtain that rank. Being demoted to this rank is equivalent to being banned.
 (0)Someone: Everyone who has newly registered will start off with this rank. We're expecting people with this rank to genuinely follow our rules and not cause any intentional harm to these sites.
 (1)Trusted Player: Encouragement through personality and great respect to members will enhance your chances of becoming a trusted player. Mentors and/or Moderators have to trust you and think that you're a pleasant addition to our community in order for a possible promotion.
 (2)Mentor: This rank is supposed to indicate a person capable of doing a variety of hard jumping techniques with the purpose to help out newcomers, as well as trusted players and moderators. 
 (3)Moderator: Essentially, a moderator's purpose is to solve problems and decrease the violations of rules. Therefore, if any problems happen to occur, don't hesitate. Mention them to moderators.

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