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Yck-Exit Path: FAQs & More

Post by Zenzational on Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:05 am

This topic post will hold commonly asked questions and solutions about Y-EP and the Y-EP site, so if you just started playing, you should read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). The questions are in no order whatsoever.
If you have an unasked question or feel like another question should be here, comment your question with answer (if applicable) in a nice, neat, and formal way. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT TRICKS, GLITCHES, OR CONTROLS. I may add it to my Original Posting. Also if you have a better answer for a question, please comment

Note: I plan to move this to the help section after it gains alot of Q&A s :p

Q: What are the requirements to play on Y-EP? If I don't meet those requirements?
A: Yck1509 seems to not have any requirements for people to play on the site but the community and its people are in the midst of drafting some for newbies and newcomers. If you don't meet the requirements, you can always request personal training from one of our trusted mentors or talk to a moderator/mentor about letting you in and request to practice on easy tutorial levels.

Q: How can I be granted authority ("Trusted Player" rank)?
A: Again, the creator does not have requirements for this but the community does. You will have to have a moderator, mentor, or group of other trusted players notice that you played for quite some time, are decent in racing and skill, see that you're trusted by some people, and follow all guidelines of Y-EP. DO NOT ask for authority or else it may not even be granted to you.

Q: How can I become a Mentor?
A: Community's answer- Become a trusted player first and as a mentor, you should help and guide people on developing skills and becoming a better EP'er, so with that in mind, to become one you should help newcomers and newbies in Exit Path. At least 2 month's playing time + excellent skill expertise recommended in becoming a mentor. DO NOT ask for the rank, it will come naturally by a moderator/administrator.

Q: How can I become a moderator? An Administrator?
A: Don't even ask.

Q: What are the guidelines and rules we have to follow on Y-EP?
A: The creator, yck1509, requires that you be a nice person (no trolling, spamming, harassing, or threatening others), keep this site private until further notice, and do not use Y-EP powers in regular AG 1.0 rooms. Failure to do so may result in a kick or temporary ban.

Q: Why am I banned?
A: You may have failed to comply with the community's set of guidelines or the creator, yck1509's set of guidelines. You may make ban appeals in another separate topic.

Q: How do I invite a friend of mine to play with?
A: Unless you have earned yourself the Mentor rank, you can not invite anyone. You will have to nicely request to a mentor that your friend be invited to Y-EP. You or the person invited may be asked some questions. Do not complain if your friend does not get accepted into Y-EP.

Q: How can I build and make a level?
A: You can download the latest level designer on the Y-EP site right on the main screen right below where the game shows up, it is labeled "Designer". Clicking on it will download the designer right on to your computer and can be opened up any time to make a level. Use the items to make and build a level and if you're ready to play, click on "Export Code" and a random code will be generated. Copy that code and type "!custom *insert code here*" and press enter. Your level is now loaded and ready to play.

Q: My level just froze everyone, what do I do?
A: You may have forgot to add Finish block or start block or both! You may even inputted the level code incorrectly. Remember always export after you have checked it has a start and end, and when you input to play, type "!custom *insert code here* and press enter. Note: Freezing the room can piss everyone off and cause them to hate you.

Q: ?
A: .

More to come and updating later Smile
If you have any questions (or a better answer) that you feel should be up here, comment Very Happy

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